Thursday, May 8, 2014

Balm for the soul!

Pictures are balm for my soul...and hope to you too!

Ending this post with this prayer 
Walking weird...

Father, I/we might look like weirdos for others because we walk with you.

 We talk your words.

 We are ...kinda "alien-ish" or " strange-ish"  to this world. 

But how good it is to be free from all malice, and all guiles and hyprocrisies, and envies, and all evil speakings. 

Thank you for being gracious to us...

Thank you for seeing us like precious stones,

to be polished so that you can use us ,

to build a remarkble building for this world to see, 

but most of all, thank you Jesus for being the cornerstone. 

With you, we can stand against all kinds of storms....

Thank you for calling us out of darkness into your marvelous light.

 To be your people who will shine with your glory.

 Make as an ambassador of your mercy and grace....

Yes, Father...

being weird for you is the best thing that could ever happen to me! 



  1. nakapagpapakalma ang mga larawang nakita ko,
    kaya nung nakita ko na yung prayer, para bang handang-handa na ako para dito.

    salamat po! :)

    1. Welcome Jep. To God be the glory and God bless you dear!

  2. it's soothing to the soul :)

    malapit na po ba ang spring jan mommy joy?

  3. very nice post ma'am joy lalo na yung prayer... :-)

  4. pwede na kayo talagang maging nature photographer :D

  5. Beautiful pictures!

  6. Wow talent in the Photography! Minsan lang ako nakakita ng spiderweb na raindrops ba o ung hamog? :)

    1. Hamog at raindrops together Arnie:)

  7. Wow what lovely shots.

  8. thanks for posting such amazing pictures
    I like the water droplets that you shot, very nice!
    You commented you following me at my blog
    however i cant find u in gfc, would u like to tell me which channel are u following?
    thank you so much for your time

  9. Everytime I visit your blog I feel so relaxed <3 I love the pictures that you are posting!!! :))

    Amazing prayer <3


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