Sunday, June 24, 2012

These pictures made my day!

A peek in my garden!

Poppies  are smiling!

                    and so these columbines flowers. 

chive flowers....

peony flowers

But I chose wild flowers to decorate my kitchen table. They are beautiful too!

Then, fishing time with my husband. This time I was lucky to catch a fish. It really made my day:)


 Haddock is a good fish and is a bottom fish that lives at 40-300 meters depth. Haddock is common in Norway along the coast and spawning period from March to June. Common tools used during the fishing of haddock are trawls, longlines and seines. Haddock is clearly overbite and it can be about 110 cm long and weigh up to about 20 Kg. Haddock is very good as fish cakes and dried fish, but is also good cooked ,  fried or grilled.

                               Something unusual in sight?

This ship ran aground for forty years ago and they didn't do anything about it. But it captured my eyes.

                        Different cloud formations!

And the sunset outside my window made my day complete!

"Thought for the day"
When wholesome laughter fills the air
Some ills will soon depart;
For laughter is good medicine
That helps to cheer the heart.  D.J.D


  1. I have those chive flowers but didn't know what they were called...thanks for sharing all the beauty around you.

  2. Wow, you have very beautiful flowers in your garden! Peonies are one of my fave flowers :) thanks for sharing!

  3. lovely colors

    looks like an enjoyable time

    when time races like a bullet

  4. Flowers always make my day too! What a wonderful collection of flowers you have in your garden.

  5. lovely flowers--made me smile!!

    so did you cook the fish? I went fishing some time ago with some friends and didn't catch anything--but I had a great time;)

  6. Thanks Mayet. I am sure you have lots of nice flowers in your garden too. Ang sipag mo pa naman magtanin. Anyway, di ko pa niluto ang fish. Nilagay ko muna s a freezer:)

  7. I love all of the beautiful flowers you have in your garden. I love all of heir different colors. Eating fish is my favorite meal. It's good for you and tastes delicious. I hope you're having a wonderful day Joy :)

  8. Wow Joy, I love your flowers and your shots are stunning.I never have a haddock fish yet.Maybe I need to go in your of now it will be on my dreams:)

  9. Thanks Mhie:) Yes, you should visit my I want to visit yours....but still in my dreams too:) Thanks for the vist:)

  10. That's what I love summer we got to see beautiful flowers. Great shots thank you for sharing.


  11. Torsk? Oh my, I love that fish. It has been my food for the whole vacation in Lofoten :)

  12. Hyse sier mannen min Gracie:)

  13. I love the blooms of the chive! Late visiting for Mellow Yellow.

    Come and take a peek at my yummy yellow, you can grab a bite if you want to, your comment will absolutely make my heart giggle.

  14. what a fun trip with hubby! congrats sa nahuli mong fish :)

    1. Thanks ZaiZai. Di ko pa niluto. nilagay ko lang sa frezzer. Punta ka dito ha pag niluto ko na ha? Hi hi


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