Monday, June 4, 2012

Blue Coral Resort!

Last year I spent my  vacation with my family in the Philippines. And one of the highlights was to go to the beach. We are so many, so we need a big place when we are together. Here is a perfect place for us coz they have also swimming pools aside  the beach.

This place is a three or more hours drive from the city of Manila. It depends upon the traffic.

Very neat and peaceful.

My eldest son and eldest daughter together with their families stayed in this apartelle.

While me and my sisters, our mother and my youngest daughter with her family stayed at this cottage near the beach.


The terrace!

with a small living room

They served all the meals here. 

One of the nipa hut at the beach

The guests can rent canoer  to explore the seawater...

other part of the beach....

the rocky sides

Me and my granchild Ethan. He don't want to be with me. He just wanted to be in the pool!

So I went to the pool and play with my grandchildren!

But my two daughters were not interested to join us!

My dearest mother!

Four of them are my grandchildren, playing with the sand!

Me, my eldest son and his wife!

And with this picture of  my oldest sister, myself and youngest sister I will say bye for now:)  Really cherished this moment with my family in the Philippines.



  1. Wonderful post, Joy... You have such a fabulous family. I am always envious of blog friends who are part of a big family... I just don't have anyone much left in my immediate family. I miss that.

    Looks like a great place to vacation as a family...


  2. Hi Joy, Oh this is such a lovely resort and your vacation with your family looked delightful. Loved seeing the rocky side of the beach too. It is wonderful that you could visit with everyone in such a special place. My grands are "fish" and would never let me hold them when near the beach or a pool either! Your family is just lovely and your precious mother, ah bless her heart, to be have all this extended family. You and your family are certainly blessed. Thank you for sharing.

  3. This looks like such a great time! It is such a blessing to be able to spend time with family. I love going on trips that include my parents. I know my kids also love having their grandparents there. Thanks for sharing some of your joy!

  4. Oh my goodness what beauty. Love how blue the ocean is. Wow.

  5. the place looks like the place we spent time in Batangas, but the resort's name is not the same. The place looks fabulous. Good to know you had a great time with family while on vacation :)

  6. Like yourself, I live away from my family so I know how precious these times are. Good thing we have the technology that we have now that somehow bridge that distance.

    You have a beautiful family and I can see that you had a lovely time with them. And the amazing place is a bonus! =)
    Thanks for sharing these with us =)

  7. I've been here!!! Check out my photos here: (this was back in 2008 though)

  8. How lucky you are to have been able to spend time with your family in such a paradise! Just beautiful.

  9. What an incredible blessing to have had such a wonderful time away with your family!!!

  10. Wow Joy, the place is pretty for the whole family.You are to young to be grandma...That is the best vacation being with family.

  11. I really appreciated how you must have felt spending such quality time with your family Joy,
    I'm so far from my family that I treasure the special moments when we are able to be together.
    Have a wonderful week ;D

  12. Ah, beautiful!! My mom is from the Philippines, and I only went home when I was 2 years old. I couldn't believe that was your son! Why is it that all the Filipinos look so young?? :) I hope I got enough of those amazing Filipino genes.

  13. Wow - that looks just like stepping into paradise. What a beautiful spot for a family vacation!

  14. Great escape. Love to see such place, might visit there someday together with cousins in Manila :)

  15. What a great beach and a great opportunity to spend time with family!

  16. Thank you for sharing your lovely family vacation with photos at: Tell Me a Story. WOW you and your family did enjoy a peaceful and wonderful time together. Makes me want to travel to a nice place like this.

  17. What a lot of FUN!!! Oh, what a treat for you and yours. Thanks for sharing.

  18. That holiday looks like so much fun. It's winter here in Australia, I wish it was warm enough to go swimming outside!

  19. The pictures are amazing! You know we are on the same situation of being oceans away from our families and being to have this kind of vacation is such a big blessing! I'm glad you are able to spend time with them in such a beautiful place like this. Made me miss the beach even more!

    Spanish Pinay

  20. Super happy family bonding time! Kelan ka kaya ulit makakabisita ng Pinas! I'm sure sobrang miss ka na ng family mo dito.


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