Friday, June 8, 2012

No fish today!

Fishing today, but the fishes were not in sight!

but blue and glimmering seawater......

sea, land and sky.....

sightseeing group....

more beauty of nature....
 a glimpse of a church tower.....

 a barn.....

So no fish today, but I caught the beauty in sight.

"Thought for the day"

Be a self starter. Do it now!
When you do not know how to do something, start.
Beware of the paralysis of analysis.
Be a person of action.

Mamie McCullough


  1. Sorry you didn't catch anything except great views! Plus you had good time with your husband!

  2. tiyak malalaking isda ang mahuhuli..

  3. Joy...this is beautiful. I especially love the shimmering water.

  4. What beautiful sceneries they are! You like fishing? Great!
    " Be a person of action" I want to become such a person.

  5. Love the thought for the day. I've been paralysed by analysis far too often in life.


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