Monday, December 15, 2014

Christmas party!

 Yes, soon it will be Christmas and people are having parties everywhere. We who came from the Philippines, who now lives in Norway wished to celebrate Christmas in our own way...a little of Philippines tradition.
But since we live in norway and loves this country, we invited Norwegians too. 

The party began at 5 pm and it was already dark and cold, but it didn't stopped us.

At the entance: We paid 225 crowns for food, drinks and entertainment. Very cheap.

The happy guests:  Just in case you didn.t see me, I am in the middle at the left side.


More happy guests

After talking, laughing and waiting for an hour...finally the food was served

Philippines' cuisines

Entertainment: Songs and dances

After that, the cakes were served: Daffodil had the responsibility for the food making. She is very good.

Folding paper dance

Apple pair dance 
(  Sorry for the Norwegian words in the pictures, it was because I published these pictures too in my Norwegian blog)

Trip to Jerusalem

The best part: Lottery! I won two of the gifts. Lucky me!

Ending this post with these cute pictures 

A little princess

Enjoying his mother's phone under the table

Solveig with chocolate and lipstick leftover on her face. Isn't she cute?
And that was our Christmas celebration. No alcohol were served, but we had so much fun!

How about you?
Have you been to a Christmas party yet?



  1. Joy, what a great post and such lovely photos. Daffodil has a beautiful smile, and I love the apron she is wearing.

  2. May you and your family have a blessed Christmas!

  3. I haven't been to real Christmas party in a long time.

  4. Very very nice Ms. Joy ... A Philippine Christmas tradition celebrated in Norway ... thank you for introducing our culture to them : )

  5. Ke gaganda at gwapong bata Mami Joy. Been so long! Miss yah. Merry Xmas pala. Panu pala kayo naka luto ng lechon sa lamig po jan???

    1. Inorder lang ang lechon June. Meron ystang garage ang nagihaw. Ok lang siguro, gamit lang ng more coal:)

  6. Wow, wonderful !
    Lovely post and awesome pictures :) All beautiful people :)
    'Daffodil', wow...! She writes a blog or something?

  7. Lovely photos. I was captivated by the little princess. Best wishes

  8. lechon! glad you're still able to celebrate christmas, pinoy-style. merry christmas are Joy! :)

  9. What a lovely couple Kamilla and Vegard are. Your photos are beautiful, Joy!

  10. Wow, ang saya naman ng celebrations nyo jan Mommy Joy :)
    I'm sure nasarapan ang mga Norwegian friends nyo sa Lechon at Lumpia ^_^

    Merry Christmas po!

  11. Medyo hindi po ako mahilig sa mga party, pero pag pampamilya parang nakakaenganyo rin sumali :)

    Nakakatuwa naman po ang inyong party Mommy Joy! :) Pinoy style :)


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