Thursday, December 11, 2014

Shopping time!

Yes, it is Christmas and time to go shopping:)
You want to go shopping in Prague?
Here are some ideas what to buy there. I took these pictures in October when my husband and I went there.

Wanna have an apron with your name on it? This guy will do it for you:)

Fashion clothes


They have a lot there, but expensive



Want a bouquet?

or fruits

Felted hats and shoes

More jewelries and souvenirs 

Those different art design of glass are all made by hand

more souvenirs

coin purses

ding a ling


Grilled bread

How about some cheese?

I prefer these!

Did you find something you like?

Ending this post with a prayer for you and me:

Thank you Oh God for your words that bring us more closer to you.

Thank you Jesus for making us righteous in God's eyes.

 Justified by faith.

I pray that we will always be thankful for all the days that you gives to us.

To make each day memorable and a blessing.



  1. So many beautiful and fun things here, Joy! And an apron with one's name on it would be so nice, and as a gift, too!

  2. I bought one for my daughter Linda:)

  3. Hi Joy,
    Thank for visiting my blog. Your post is very interesting, I bet you had lots of fun in Prague. For sure they have lots of nice things to buy, my favorite was the apron with one's name on it. About my blog, I wrote it in Spanish and but just right below it is the English translation. i hope you don't have any problems in the future, if you do, let me know please.
    Have a wonderful day.

  4. Sarap mag-shopping Ms. Joy kaso walang pera he he he ... at sa Prague pa lalo na ... dito na lang ako sa Divisoria ... Merry Christmas : )

  5. Hi Joy...I loved scrolling through these pictures. What fun. Have an amazing weekend. :)

  6. all the shops have such bright colorful displays. What a treat for the eyes!

  7. one of the differences between America and Europe. I actually prefer shops like that are typical stores and malls. Only a few places like that here.

  8. Wow, Prague Prague Prague. I am dreaming of Prague. Please.. Gusto ko ung mga souvenir items oh!! Haha.

  9. Never been there but I love your photos

  10. That would be a good idea - having an apron with your name.
    Wonder how grilled bread would taste.


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