Saturday, October 27, 2012

They are touching my heart.

For more than three years, Bjørg ( left) has been working as a volunteer in the activity center where I work. She had been faithful and I really appreciate her effort to help. She is also eveywhere in the community where she can offfer a helping hand.
 Anyway, she told me that her name actually means " to save or to help". So she is really living up to her name. Well I hope I do with my name which means " joy". Hi hi

But the sad thing is that she is going to move to another part of the country and we are not going to see her anymore, unless of course if she will visit us. The fact is that she is getting older now and her plan is to spend the rest of her life living nearby her one and only son and two grandchildren. I really understand her.

                     Then we decided to invite Bjørg to go out and eat in a nearby restaurant.

                       And here are my co-workers Solveig og Anne Lise  joining us.

We invited also Mildred, my co -worker who is now a pensioner. We are very happy to see her again and I believe she is happy too.

We invited Iselin ( left) who sometimes works as a volunteer too. 

And now, for the food we ordered:


My order is a Mexican dish. Really miss my daughter who is in Mexico.

For Solveig

Anne Lise



and the rest

Bjørg read a poem for us before we departed, but it was in Norwegian language and difficult to tranlate in English, so I borrowed this poem from " Google".
                                   And we gave Bjørg a bottle of coffee liqueur as a gift.

And last but not the least, my daughter  Kamilla sent pictures from Mexico that really touched my heart.
                                             Here she is, cooking dinner.

And her friends and a visitor from Norway. The brother of Caroline, second from the right.

My daughter's  ( left) smile makes me happy.

And this is a part of their curriculum. Playing volleyball.

The area which my daughter stays with three other girls from Norway.

 A picture of a church in Merida  ( Mexico) where the students visited.
     And   picture of the hotel in Merida center where she stayed with other students when they had field trip .

                              Oh, I wish I can be there. Pictures that touching my heart.



  1. Great photos Joy! It has been lovely to take a glimpse into your corner of the globe and send you greetings from Scotland.

    Thank you for visiting Encourage-1-Another today... and for taking the time to leave a comment.

    Keep sharing the Word of God and living up to your name by bringing joy to those who need the peace, joy and hope of God in their lives.

    God bless you :D

    Wendy xx

  2. I want such kind of people at my work hehe, btw your daughter is stunning in tan :) hils!

  3. I think you definitely live up to your name. Everytime I pop by flows off the pages. You're an awesome friend and the pics of your dgt....she's beautiful

  4. Mana siguro sayo si Kamilla masarap magluto. Mahilig din ba sya mag bake?

    1. Minsan naglulluto at nag try magbake, pero mostly ay ako at grandma nya dito ang luto at bake:kr

  5. Lovely Joy. The sands of Norway look like the sands of Florida. Yummy food. Blessings.

  6. Oh, sorry if you misunderstand my post jbr. This beach is from mexico where my daughter is now.

  7. I enjoyed your post and pics today!! Bless you

  8. You are such a treasure, bless you.

  9. nakakalungkot kapag may isang kaibigan na papaalis.... sana maging maayos ang lahat sa kanya...

    Happy to see ur daughter.... nakaka touch nga... at dahil sa mga photos parang ang lapit nyo lang...


    Ang sarap ng food ^^

  10. what joy in your post!! your pictures are fabulous!! i enjoyed seeing them..and your daughter is beautiful!
    my college son studied in Mexico this summer.

  11. you'e blessed to have that kind of co-workers, I remember when I left my job in Thailand it broke my heart when I moved-in here with my fiancee now my husband.Have a weekend Joy.

  12. great photos and fun memories ...your daughter is really pretty :)

  13. Beautiful photos, Joy. I think you live up to your name.

    Your daughter is beautiful.

  14. Joy, friends are like pearls in a string bound close together, which we can only hope of not disentangling.

    That was a very warm despedida party you had.


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