Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Bonding with family!

My older sister lives fifteen minutes drive from my place, but we don't see each other so often because we are so busy with work, housework and etc, etc. Sometimes we see each other at work or when both of us are invited by friends and  when we share God's words and love to the elderly. We do talk by phone most of the time.

Anyway, our niece Tracy came home one week end and my sister invited us to dinner at their home. So, I told my husband that it is about time that we do it coz the last time me and my husband ate dinner with them was two years ago. Although I have been to my sister last summer when our cousin  from Germany came over. So now it is time to bond with family. Thanks to Tracy who made it possible for us to get together.

Since my husband was the one who was driving, I got the chance to take some pictures along the road on the way to my sister and brother -in-law house.

It was a nice weather. The grass are still green in some places. 

                                   Come along and  enjoy the sight with us!

When we arrived, the table was set. Good, coz we were starving. 

But we have to wait for our niece, so I took some pictures of my sister's flowers.

Her orchids!

At last our dearest niece arrived. So time to eat.

First serving: Canton soup

                                       And the main course:  Roast lamb.

Hmmm! My favorite.

Our niece was so sweet. She baked this apple pie.

My sister baked cassava and rice cake.  To be eaten with ice cream. Calorie bombs again:)

Bonding with family members, eating good food and having the chance to see God's creation through the window made us so thankful.

It was really a nice bonding day!

A ship passed by before the sunset!

The venisons are out to find something to eat too. 

By for now and until next post again!



  1. I appreciate all the beauty you share.

  2. Det så koselig ut, mamma :)

  3. sana mapuntahan ko rin bahay ni auntie. hehe!

  4. Ang sarap naman ng foodies mo,Joy.BTW mayroon akong award sayo..heheheh..http://www.travelentz.com/2012/10/liebster-blog.html

  5. Aw roast lamb. Mukang pangarap nalang para sakin yan. XO

    * Pareng Jay was here

  6. Salamat sa bisita pareng jay:)

  7. Awww super saya naman ng bonding nyo... I havent tasted lamb... una kasi mahal... then 2nd may after taste sya parang beef .. hay bakit ba ang arte ko hahhaah ingat lagi ate :)

  8. cool. lovely photos... ang saya naman magrelax sa ganda ng place... mga food nakakatakam.. :D

    keep safe, GOD bless.

  9. What a treat!
    And your shots are wonderful!
    Thanks for sharing.

    Hope you are having a fabulous week****

    1. Your welcome Mildred and have a nice week too:)

  10. Beautiful photographs, views of mountains are enrapturing. I am greeting

  11. It's really nice to bond with family once in a while!Sarap naman ng food! Beautiful photographs! LOve ko talaga mg flower shots mo!

  12. What beautiful sceneries they are! I like the blue of water.
    Your nice is very lovely and those dishes looks so tasty so you are fortunate to have such a nice meeting.
    Have a good day!

  13. that roast lambs looks so yummy mama joy! nice bonding with family :)

  14. Thanks for the visit Anney, Sarah and Pink Line and leaving nice comments:)

  15. Oh my goodness I am hungry. What lovely pictures and place settings Joy. Thank you for sharing. Blessings.

  16. Always good to catch up and spend time with family :) Your niece is really pretty! :)

  17. It's really great to catch up with family and make such occasions extra special! Nice post.

  18. bonding with family is the best !!! lalu na kung ganyan kaganda ang view :)


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