Sunday, October 14, 2012

Girls wanna have fun!

The day started very fine! Beautiful sunrise. The moon is still in sight! 

And the birds are already in the horizon!

Today, girls ( once) will be gathering together in Vivian's house. ( One of my friend) And since she had her birthday last month, I made her  a birthday card, with a gift of course. Better late then never:) 

And now, I am ready for  the night! " Do I look alright"? I asked my husband.

Anyway, here is Vivian now!

And here she was, many years ago! She is just getting younger.)

And here is her and her hubby's lovenest!

What so special with this couple is that they love to collect nice human figures like these!


And huge flower vases. Almost as tall as I am!

They are very unique!

Anyway, here is Vivian the hostess with Cristy! 

Me and Ophelia ( Vivian's sister) waiting for the food.

Then at last....namnam. Philippines food!

Vegetables with meat!

Crispy fried chicken and pork!

I believe this is called " Humba"

Potatoes and carrots for the Norwegian...

and rice for us....

Anyway here are the forever young girls...


The flower girl.. Rowena


Doreen and Maria Stella!

Cristina and Cristy!

And the calorie bombs....

And before saying goodbye and go home to my beloved husband, we have to take a group picture as a souvenir. We need to remember this day when we are young ( feeling young) because one day we will be young once and maybe living in a nursing home. Well, I am the oldest..being fifty. Hi hi.

Another group picture because Rowena was not in the first one.

 And that is all for tonight. Next week, another birthday party again for these forever young girls:)



  1. Joy, you are a beautiful woman! And so are all your friends. Looks like you girls did have fun:)

  2. Always a Joy to see your pictures and stories. Blessings.

    1. Always a joy that you visit my site too JBR

  3. What a fun night! The food and friends look terrific. And I love all your photos...that top shot with the moon is gorgeous!

  4. Ang saya naman, JOy. :) Good food and good friends! Good photos too. Inggit ako. I don't have a Filipino group here.

    WHen you ask your husband, "Do I look alright?" what does he say? My husband always plays safe - feminine trap daw ang ganyanna question. hahaha


  5. My husband says, yes after all the makeup Imelda. Hi hi

  6. Aw! Nice first pic!

    * Pareng Jay was here

  7. Belated happy birthday to Vivian! She doesn't look like she aged, she just got prettier than her younger self :)

    And you Ms Joy, you look very pretty in your dress! Compliments your very happy smile :)

  8. i miss the humba ..... tas yumg cake grabe ha! at tsaka ms. joy di halatang pinaghandaan mo yung party! outfit galore k tlga!

    1. Thanks kulapipot. It is a five year old dress:)

  9. You don't look like the oldest Joy!
    And I love this girls havin fun! Except that I'm drooling again for those cakes :( Aside from the beautiful girls outfit, the cakes in your parties Joy are sooo "hmnmmn"!
    and you're friend's home got a treasure of a collection - real nice.

  10. wow! you're 50? yet you look like 40 to me. i wonder how i look when im 50 with my girlfriends in the pool? ang saya siguro. hahaha.

    just me,

  11. Wow look incredible...Would never know you're 50!!! And Vivian's before and now....that's amazing. She really does look incredible and younger than she did. The best is all of you look like great friends and so happy.

  12. Beautiful pics! The food looks delicious! All the women look so pretty&you look so young for 50!

  13. Lovely mommy Joy ;) Great to have friends around.

  14. Joyful gathering! Nice to see cheerful people! And I love the food!!!

  15. Wow super fabulous ang get up mo ate... and correction you don't look like you're in your 50's ha... infairness being close to those who are younger than you parang kasing idaran mo lang sila :)

    1. Thank you si much Genskie. Napakataba ng puso sng comment mo:)

  16. you look great mama joy!..sarap sumama sa girl bonding nyo :)


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