Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Plum cake with vanilla cream!

In my last post I said that I am going to bake a cake to be served to elderly.  We are visiting them often and share God's words and love to them. 
And here is my " Plum cake with vanilla cream. This is a double portion since they are many.

The ingredients:  8 eggwhites, 5 dl sugar, 5 dl dry grated coconut , 4 tablespoons potto flour, 2 teaspoons baking powder.

                                             Separate the egg white from the yolks

 Add sugar and whip until creamy

Add dry grated coconut, potato flour and baking poweder.

Whip together

                                                        Put in a baking pan

                                                        Bake in the oven for 180 degrees

                                              The finished cake: The layer

Cook  dried plums in a little water until soft. Let it be cold.

I used a finished vanilla cream from the shop. But you can make vanilla cream instead if you want.

Just combine the eggyolks, 2 dl whipping cream, 2 dl sugar and 2 tsp vanilla sugar. Then cook in a low heat until thick. This shoud be spread on top of the cake.

After spreading the vanilla cream, I decorated with 3 dl whipped cream and dried plums!

And here is the finished cake!

              My sister and my brother.in-law baked this cake also to be served to the elderly.

                                                        And made  sandwiches....

Ready to be served. 

Then, here are elderly and Claudia is going to share God's word to them.

Other side with my sister.

                                                            The choir !

                                      And the rest of the volunteers.

 By the way, Claudia ( from Mexico)  baked " Tiramishu cake too which I forgot to take a picture. So she can bake, sing and preach God's words. She is also an artist and computer engineer. A woman with many gifts:)

And of course Maria Estella and her  kids  were with us too and the kids are the sweetest of all!

Wonderful friends who want to served God by sharing God's words and love to the elderly.
Thanks to all!


  1. Wow! galing naman at ang saya-saya nyo. am sure ang mga elderly ay nag-enjoy sa foodies so yummy.

  2. anything about vanilla gusto ko ms. joy .. wow penge nmn ako nian!

  3. kung isa ako sa mga grandma sa institusyon siguro yung food ang unang unang excited ako hihi..

  4. what an inspiring post this is, Joy. THe baked goodies, the sandwiches with all those rich toppings, and the volunteer group. It stirred up J-O-Y in my heart this early morning over here! The smile on your faces are beautiful.

    And I will try to bake this cake. It is like a huge merengue, just looking at the procedure pictures made my mouth water.

    God bless you today, dear Joy!


    1. Thanks Lidia. It is really a joy to do this for them:kr
      Bless you dear and good luck with the cake:)

  5. They sure looks yummy! At mas masarap kainin kasi meant for sharing! Claudia is such a blessing! You all are! You are also gifted with lots of talents, Mommy Joy! You can bake, knit, make those beautiful cards and purses.. You have a green thumb, you are a good photographer.. And you always inspire us with God's words! Enjoy the rest of the week :)

    1. Your comment warms my hesrt. Thanks Joanne:)

  6. gusto ko niyan without plum. =)

  7. Wow! So so yummy!!! Sarap! Looks so good!
    Nice to see all friends too! God bless! Take care!

  8. Waw! Maam joy, elderly na din po ako enge ako niyan. Hehe

    Pero astig kayo maam sa pagbisita sa mga elders. Saludo ako senyo.

    * Pareng Jay salutes

  9. Thanks pareng Jay. Kung andito ka, sama ka namin. Hi hi

  10. Tatanong ko sana sayo kung ano yung potto flour e pero nabasa ko sa ibaba potato flour pala yun. hehehe!Ang sarap namn ng mga na prepare nyong snacks for the elderly!

  11. Ha ha. Namali na naman ang type ko. Hi hi. Naduduling na sa kasusulat Anney:)
    Thanks for visiting Anney. Kung andito ka, mas maganda pa decorTion sa mga foods. Hi hi

  12. wow! gusto ko nyan mama joy.. naglalaway talaga ako ngaun sa plum cake.. try ko nga yang gawen..

  13. Yummy! They're all sooo lucky to have you prepare such special and yummy food for them Ms Joy :)

  14. Ang sarap naman nyan. They are so lucky, Joy!

  15. Thanks pink line, zaizai and eden:) im am lucky too to be given the chance to share God's love to them:)

  16. wow! nakapa yummy naman... natatakam ako sa sandwich... ang sarap ng toppings o ung palaman niya hehehe.. saka ung cake... mukhang masarap din...

    Ang sarap ng ganitong activity kasi nabusog ka na sa food... nabusog ka pa sa word ni God...

    Godbless ^_^

  17. ang charap naman ng cake ;-D both food for the body and soul tong activity nato

  18. Thank you for always bringing us along to your parties!

  19. wow super sarap naman ng handa nyo ate...Im pretty sure nag enjoy sila.. nabusog na ang tummy nila pati ang spiritual needs nila natugunan din :)

  20. Very lovely post Ligaya :) you are gifted :D big hug


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