Sunday, October 7, 2012


The day was soon over and I was online blogging, when my husband asked me if I want to take a walk with him. The best thing he can come up with.

Well, it was quite a while since we take a walk and I want see some changes since the last time. So
I grabbed my camera and off we go. 

Hope you come along too!

                                        The tree has more yellowish color now....

The bushes are red!

The berries turned black...

This is the road going to the seaside! A few meters from our home.

The corns are in the barn and the birds are there to see if there was something left for them.

It is like  a meeting place for them....

Anyway, we can watch the sunset!

Different colors....

and forms.....

Under is like finding light through the darkness...

It's like in a twilight zone!

                                             And here is the seaside people

Peace for this creature!

I think this  is a very nice stone to decorate my front yard, but I didn't take it. It's heavy.

Can you see the heart in the trunk of the tree?

Something to touch one's heart! This creature is on the road...taking a walk too:)

    That was a refreshing walk. Bonding with my hubby....and you?

                                     "Thought for the day"
 Jesus is the way, the truth and the life:
Without the Way, there is no going;
Without the Truth, there is no knowing;
Without the life, there is no living. - Anon


  1. yay! colorful fall season... yung view ng place mo ate is really breath taking.. i wouldnt mind walking pag ganyan ang makikita ko palagi sobrang nakaka inspire mag sulat ng tula or story.. you are so blessed :)


  2. Oo nga Genskie. Thanks, but sa winter ay wala na lahat color. Anyway, that is a part of the season. Thanks for always visiting:)

  3. What a great collection of snaps of the fall colors. I love the shot with black berries! Hope you have more of these lovely walks and you post more of these lovely shots :)

  4. You and your hubby should have taken a picture of yourselves, I'm sure that will make the best picture among these :) Have a nice week Ms Joy! :)

    1. Oo nga zaizai, but my hubby does not want to be published. Hi hi

  5. i've enjoyed the walk mama joy..the sunset and twilight zone were my favorite :)

  6. your pictures are all so beautiful and they make me want to shout about His awesomeness.

  7. fall is here, and nature is changing ;-)

    just me,

  8. Wonderful photographs, such views are enrapturing. I am greeting

  9. Thank you so much for taking us along on your walk! What a treat.

  10. What a beautiful post! I enjoyed the gorgeous scenery of Norway!


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