Friday, September 30, 2011

My grandchildren

I'm 49 years of age and I already have six grand children. My first grandchild is:
Jan Andrei. He is ten years old. He loves to draw and sing. He has won many medals in drawing competitions. And lastly he sang  for his sister's 7th birthday celebration and it made me cry of joy and I'm really proud of him. He really loves me  and of course I love him too. He was the one who got all my attention first. He looks like his daddy and his daddy says his son looks like me. Well, what do you think?
This is my eldest son and he is Jan Adrei's father. I believe it is " like father like son". No matter what, I loved them both. My first child and my first grandchild. My eldest son is a very hardworking person and I'm very proud of what he accomplished in life. Thanks be to God.

This is candice, my second grandchild and Jan Andrei's sister. She was born on her father's birthday, so she is really a daddys girl. She loves to dance and she is doing very well in school. This picture was taken when I went there last august 2011. She is one my princesses that I love.

This is my third grandchild and his name is Zimon. He is six years old and the son of my second daughter! He is a very lively boy and always on the go. Maybe like me! He he. His mother is always concerned about him coz he is often sick. But thanks God, he is still going strong. He loves fish and has a little aquarium full of fish that there is no much space for the fishes to swim around. He is the comedian in the family :)

This is chelsea, my second daughter . I was constanly worried about her too when  was young coz she too was always sick. But thanks God, she grows up and  is now a mother too and doing her best to take care of her family. She has a heart of gold and is always trying to help everybody in the best way she can! 

Me and Zyrish! She is one of my princesses and Zimon youngest sister. This girl loves to pray and she really prays for everybody. She prayed that God would also help her in school, coz she wants to make her mommy happy. And God answered her prayer and everybody were surprised! She is very sweet girl and a have a heart of gold too!
This is my fifth grandchild and the son of my youngest daughter in the Philippines. We are feeding the fishes,  and as long as they are in the water, they are safe in Ethans hands. Coz this boy thinks that he can play with everything. When I'm with Ethan I don't need to go to a training studio, coz he wants to play with me whole the day. He he. And he loves to swim. His parents is always taking him to the pool or a beach when there is an opportuninty.

My daughter Michelle and she is Ethan's mother. Michelle is a very organized woman and she is the one who arranges all our out of town trips everytime I'm on vacation in the Philippines. I don't have to worry about anything when I'm with her. She cooks delicious meals for me too.

Me and my three children in the Philippines together with Ethan and zyrish!

This is my youngest grandchild. She is my eldest son youngest daughter. She is adorable! She is my princess too!
Well, the story does not end here!  Until next time :)


  1. ang dami ko naman magandang picture, bakit yun pa. well, learn to use apostrophe. hehe!

  2. wow! im glad na makita ko sila sa mga pics... ang swerte swerte nyo naman po... kasi binigyan kayo ng mga anak at apo na love na love kayo..

    isang Happy Family ang nakikita ko... naawa tuloy ako sa mother ko kasi wala pa siyang apo hehehe.... late na kasi ako dumating sa kanila... kaya may edad na si mother ko... senior citizen na ^^

    Pwede kaya tita na lang tawag ko sa inyo hehehe ^_^


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