Sunday, September 25, 2011

Gods creation!

One day I went for a walk nearby. I lived by the seaside and there is always fresh air to breath. And I cannot help it, but to be thankful for this beautiful creation of God that surrounds me.

I'm so lucky to be in this place and see  His marvelous creation. To see the different colors in spring, summer, autum and winter.

It made me think that as God creation, people are unique too. God has given us something that is beautiful. Something to contribute to everyone we meet everyday.

Well, maybe we think that we are not beautiful, but beauty can't be measured by outward appearance. A person who can always give a smile to others is more attractive than someone who is beautiful outside but can't smile. We prefer to be together with happy people than grumpy people.

Is there something to smile about in this troubled world? Yesssss. I just smiled when I looked at these flowers.
When we give compliment to others or recieve one, we smiled.

So I'm  happy that God created light too. When the sun is shining, it makes us smile, especially we who lives in Norway. Coz in wintertime it is almost dark whole the day. So the sun or the light is very much appreaciated here.

As individual, we can too can spread light around us by being positive and be thankful. I'm sure we have a lot of things we can be thankful about.

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