Monday, June 24, 2013

My A-Z

Yes, back to tagging business again friends because I was tagged by my daughter from So what can a mother do? Hi hi.
Anyway, for a change here are my A-Z .

A- Attached or single?
Actually both. Single when my hubby is onbord the ship and vey much attached when he is home:)
Well, I am happily married to the most kindest man ever. The prince of my heart.

B- Best friend

It will be maybe my hubby, but still there are things I couldn't discuss with  him. Things that he does not understand like my faith, although he does not hinder me to believe. Well, God is really my best friend.

C- Cake or pie
Of course, creamy cakes, hmmm

D- Day of choice
I love Sunday, but actually I love everyday that God is giving me.

E- Essential item
My cellphone, eyeglass and wallet with money in it:)

F- Favorite color
 Green, green grass of home

G- Gummibears or worms
Gummibears. Worms  reminds me of something yucky.

H- Hometown
Paracale, Camarines Norte

I- Favorite indulgence
Hmmm... biff steak

J- January or July
July because it is summer here in Norway

K- Kids
Four grown ups which I love with all my heart.

L- Life isn't complete without
Bible, books, cellphone, internet, beauty of God's creation and my family

M- Marriage date
December 20, 1990

N- Number of brothers and sisters
One brother who died when he was young and five lovable sisters

O- Orange or apples
Orange. I love the juice

P- Phobias

Q- Quotes
The best is yet to come

R- Reason to smile
That I woke up every  morning.

S- Season of choice

T- Tags 5 people
Kulapipot, Fiel-Kun, Mecoy, Senyor Eskwater, Leah

So I hope you read these tags friends and join!

U- Unknown facts about me
I don't know if I have secrets anymore:)

W- Worst habit
Pointing with my mouth

X- Xray or ultra sound

Y- Your favorite food
My mother's ginataan

Z- Zodiac sign
Pisces  ( although I don't believe in this)
I am a fish that swims in God's holiness.

                                         "Leaving you with this thought"
Don't fear failure so much that you refuse to try new things. The saddest summary of life contains three decriptions: Could have, might have and should have. Louis Boone



  1. Ms joy salamat sa pag tag! Naaliw ako sa A to Z mo ! Parang ndi ko kaya talbugan! Gagawa na ako now na.. Thank u for tagging me highly appreciated! Mwah!

  2. Wow kulapipot. Thanks. I appreciate it very much:)

  3. Hahaha worst habit pala ang pointing With mouth.. buti nalang tinigil ko na haha niloloko kasi ako lagi ni hubby at bro-in-Law ko

  4. Ha ha. Kala ko ako lang:) they are laughing at me here too Gracie:)

    1. I think this is common sa ating mga pinoy :)) had fun reading your A - Z mommy Joy!

    2. Kaw din avagabondmom? Hi hi.

  5. cute ng wedding pic nyo... so nene ka pa dyan. hehehe

    1. Thanks mel.bI was 28 years old yata:) soon, ikaw naman

  6. agree ako sa worst habit mo. =)

  7. Nice to know more of you..
    5 pala ang sisters nyo!

  8. Wow that is like a lovely poem :)

  9. I love that wedding picture, from a classic time.

  10. Waaah! kasali pala ako sa Tag hehe :)) maraming salamat Mommy Joy. Will find time po to make a post on this one.

    1990 pala kayo ikinasal kay Norwegian hubby nyo. Looks really young pa po kayo sa wedding photo nyo above :))

    1. Oo fiel- kun:) looking forward to read yours:)
      About the wedding...yes that was many years ago.soon 23 years, but still very much in love:)

  11. Wonderful Wedding Pic!Great Post!

  12. So beautifully done with the pictures.. I need to learn more about picture placement... Diane

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Thanks writerwannabe. I believe you have wonderful pictures to show:)

  13. ayy eto pala un ate joy, gege pag nag katime ako gagawin ko yan hehehe,
    hmm natuwa naman ako sa first answer mo haha, at ang ung wedding pic mo ate joy ang cute, at di nagbabago mukha mo ahh

  14. Hometown..makes me smile.. anlapit mo na lang saken Mami Joy..I love this list..wanted to create my own version pero travel and food related

  15. Oo.nga june. Bicol din. Why not make a list of it? Kuce idea; )

  16. Exciting a to z joy :) Thanks for letting us now more about you.

  17. You are very lovely in your wedding photo.
    I like a part of L.
    Have a nice day!

  18. hi mommy Joy! long time no comment ako dito sa blog mo hehehe...

    kaaliw naman tong a-z mo.. lalo na yung wedding pic nio.. cute much!


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