Monday, June 17, 2013

Memorable Sunday!

Actually Sunday should be a rest day. But it turned out to be a very busy day , but a memorable day.

I began my day preparing for what was neeeded for our visit to the elderly, to share God's words and love to them.
Since it was my turn to share God's words, I needed the inspiration from God and so I sought his presence first thing in the morning.
The sun was up before I woke up actually, but  seeking God's presence first  makes the day more

                                          and guess what...the birds were awake too:)

There were piles of clothes to be ironed and folded and dirty clothes to be washed, so I didn't have time to just sit and relax. Well, I have lots of energy this day. Thanks God.

Then I prepared that sandwiches to be served that day.

Anyway, I invited friends to sing for the elderly and it really made this day very special and memorable.

From left is Vidar,  Anja and Geir Yngve in the middle is a couple and Maria Stella at the left. 

Their God's given voices brought smiles to our faces. Blessings! They sung as a group and solo songs.


Geir Yngve

Vidar and Maria Estella 

But I just have to show another picture of Maria Estella's youngest son to the other side who is enjoying to see his mother sing. He is so cute.

Me sharing God's message. I mean what God inspired me to tell.  Well, I didn't make them sleep by the way:)

And the faithful Claudia who baked a delicious cake that day and my brother in law Alf who helped to prepare the place before the meeting.

Leticia and my sister Lourdes were there also there and helped in serving the foods that we brought with us and washing the dishes after.  It was a teamwork.

There were about 50 people who attended the meeting from the nursing home and from outside the nursing home. I am not showing any pictures of them for their privacy sake. But they were all delighted that we came and and very thankful. 

After the meeting, I went to the gym to work out for two hours to burn some calories coz I ate much sweets that day.

Ending this post with these pictures that soften my heart. I throw a waffle cake through our kitchen window for the birds to eat. And this one came.

                                   Snapped it and flew to the other side.....

                                                     Putting down.....

                                                 began to eat.............

                                                         Bye for now......



  1. little bird was lucky to find that waffle cake

  2. God bless you more for giving and sharing ate Joy. btw, the foods you prepared look yummy, ginutom ako! :)

  3. ayun oh nalabas na sa feed ko ung updates nito ate joy,
    ehehe, nice, sana my video ung speech mo para napakinggan ko
    gano kaganda

    1. Oo nga. Nag repair na lang magisa ang blog ko mecoy:)
      Oo nga no. Kaso norwegian mecoy. Di mo maintindihan:)

    2. yey!
      do you think the feed burner update worked Joy? medyo late lang siguro ang effect :)

  4. I love the sandwich they look so good..Thanks for sharing all the beautiful photos..:)

  5. You are looking stunning in your red gown , what a beautiful Sunday :)

  6. I love what you all are doing here. Beautiful: your photo.

  7. Så herleg eit møte!
    Fin kveld vidare :-)

  8. Many blessings to you and yours!

  9. woooow.. lumabas narin sa feeds ko mga post ni mommy Joy.
    nice Photos

  10. Your team effort must have blessed the elderly greatly! Just yesterday we went to the aged care centre where my MIL now lives to be with her and others for a memorial service for all those who have died there in the last few months, including my FIL. It was beautifully done.

  11. such a blessed and fulfilling Sunday :)

  12. Beautiful post and the pictures too... And a wonderful ministry.. Diane

  13. missing mini-gatherings like this...yes, what a blessed Sunday!
    I love that close up image of the bird.

  14. Hi.
    Mabuti at nag-a-update na sa blogroll ko yung latest post mo ms. joy, hindi ko na makakalimutan na may update ka.

    Gandang araw.


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