Sunday, June 9, 2013

Independence day celebration

Freedom, that is everybody's right. Isn't it?  But, not everybody has it. Freedom of speech, freedom to love, to hate, to achieve their goals, and the list can be endless.

For many many years ago, the Filipinos were under  the Spanish rules. But thanks to our former President  Emilio Aguinaldo who fought for our  freedom and declared the independence of the Philippines from the Spanish rule. It all began on June 12, 1898 and  now we can  celebrate our "  115th Indenpence Day" . 

Here in Norway, we filipinos try to remember the day by celebrating it on our on way. And we are so thankful because we live in this country where freedom rules. We held our celebration yesterday and  I wore a Filipino dress to honor the day.

And also some of the ladies: Tessie, Jolly and Josephine

Jolly is the leader of the comitte and they had really done a very good job. I salute you all.

Jolly explained to the guests of more than one hundred people why we celebrate the day and what is the meaning of our flag:

Three Stars and the Sun

The eight-rayed sun symbolizes the first eight provinces (Manila, Cavite, Batangas, Bulacan,
 Laguna, Pampanga, Tarlac, Nueva Ecija) that revolted against the Spanish colonial government.

The three five-pointed stars represent the three main island groups: Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao.

The white equilateral triangle stands for equality and fraternity.

The blue stripe means peace, truth and justice while the red stripe represents the Filipino’s patriotism and valor.

Anyway, the comitte served Philippines cuisines which delighted both the Norwegians and us from the Philippines:)

    And of course they prepared entertaining for everybody.

Hawaii- Five -O dance by : Marilyn, Jessa and Camilla

                                         Maria Stella sung: You've got a way

Gentlemen dance: Marilyn, Minze, Melanie and Jessa

Duet by Ingrid Marie Berg and Mia Grøven: Broken strings

Pearly shells ( hawaiian dance) Melanie, Minze, Marilyn, Jessa and Camilla

Song by Stephen Hepsø: Bruno- Mars- Grenade

Subli ( Folk dance) Julie, Minze and Maricel

But what touched our hearts the most was when Mary- Ann Nalda Hoff translated the famous filipino song of Freddie Aguilar " Anak" into a norwegian text and sung the song for us. It made me almost cry. She is half Norwegian and half Filipino.

Another folkdance: Dayang dayang by Maricel And Ma. Estella

And Bulaklakan by Julie, Maricel, Camilla, Ma. Estella, Jolly, Jessa and Melanie

But this dance was the winner! These girls really knows how to dance:) 

              Time to take  a break girls because its time for calorie bombs:)

One more cake from  Betty the birthday celebrant this day!

Anyway, after eating the  cakes, we have to burn the calories. So time to play a game with the kids and the grown ups:)

Paper dance game:

Trip to Jerusalem for kids.

For young once

 Penyata game for kids: Oh, they love candies:)

And for the lucky winners of the lottery tickets that had been sold:

Geir won two boxes of fruits

And Betty too! Nice gift for her birthday. It will be  a fruit party!

                                                  Some of the happy guests....

My sister Lourdes and Julie

The sweetest of all!

I wish I could post all the pictures, but have to end this post. 

Happy Independence day to all!



  1. Such a fun post, Mommy Joy! It's really nice to know how you all could celebrated our Independence day there and how you share our history to your Norwegian guests.. I wish napanuod ko din yun mga dance! I super love your modern filipina outfit!

    1. Thanks Joanne. We really had fun:)

  2. Hello ate thanks for the picture's ikaw na te ang gagaling mo mag pictures te and super saya natin kahapon thanks for being there yesterday with us ate gay :) God bless! <3

    Hilsen Minze :)

  3. Welcome Minze. Dere er kjempeflinke;)

  4. It's fortunate that the age of Imperialism is over. So much so that most modern countries had declared independence from a current state or former Empire in some point of their history.

    it's great to see the different styles of celebration between countries on their respected independence day. In America sadly people rarely say "independence day" but rather it's just shortened to July 4th.

  5. Ang saya ng celebration ninyo at and sarap ng pagkain..Sana maka attend din ako sa Philippine Indepence Day celebration dito.

  6. Wonderful Pics! Looked like a fun day for all!

  7. Happy independence day :) mabuhay proud to be Pinoy....

  8. mukhang ang saya at ang sarap ng food nyo mommy joy!

  9. Oo nga avagabondmom:) sarap nila magluto:)


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