Thursday, June 20, 2013

Trip to Stavanger ( part one)

A repost from my Joy's life  blog that I created when this blog was not functioning as it should be. But now it is updating again. I will be moving my entries from there to share to my followers here.  Thanks to all who followed Joy's life blog too.

I've been hearing a lot about this town since my younger sister moved there and her two older daughters. They say that this city is beautiful. So I wanted to visit them and also see the place. Luckily, one day, an  opportunity came. We got an invitation.

Anyway, this picture is from Stavanger city. It was raining that day, so the picture was not clear.

   This occassion brought memories to me.

 In 1989, I came to Norway to be an au- pair for my two nieces that time, because my sister was going to school.

This is how we looked like in the year 1989. The oldest is Lindsey  and the second daughter is Cecilie. My first winter in Norway.

Fast forward... meet Lindsey now with her oldest and adorable son . She is now pregnant with her second child and living in Kragerø with her family.

Say then hello to Cecilie with her sweet baby Vilde. They invited us to participate in Vilde's baptismal day. That was the opportunity that we grabbed, that is why me and my daughter went to Stavanger. 
Isn't Vilde sweet? She smiled to everybody and was so nice to us strangers:)

How fast the time flies. It feels like yesterday.

Do you want to see the mother and the aunt many years ago? 
Here we are: Lida (the mother of Lindsey, Cecilie and Tracy Ann) and me in December 1989

 Then we became older and older:) Lucky we!
 Lida, my younger sister and me now.  Tracy Ann at the back of the litttle girl, right side.

Anyway, we arrived at Stavanger Friday evening. It was raining that day. Strange because the pilot told the passenger " Welcome to Sola Airport." Sola means " sun" in English. Well, that is the name of the airport:) And I thought that he( the pilot) was speaking the dialect of the place. But when I asked my daughter, she told me that the pilot is a Swedish.  Shame on me!

Cecilie fetched us at the airport and  proceeded to her lovenest. How nice of her.

   Well, I fell in love with their living room......

                                 and the kitchen.
 Tracy Ann and Kamilla in the picture. They stayed at Cecilie and her husband's home.

  The dining room was beautifully decorated by Cecilie.

Afterwards, Cecilies husband drove me to my sister Lida's home.

We were so happy to see each other again. She played piano for me. She is gifted by God with a lovely voice and can play both the guitar and the piano. And then we talked and talked and talked until midnight.

Day after, she served this mouth watering breakfast for me. I am a lucky woman:) Don't you agree?

more to come in the next entry.....

"Thought for the day"

Accept the past for what it was.
Acknowledge the present for what it is.
Anticipate the future for what it can be.
Tracy L. Mcnair

The Lord gives strength to his people
and blesses them with peace.
Psalm 29:11


  1. lovely photos it just a nice feeling being family..:)

  2. meme ganda talaga nung kitchen!
    at pati na din ung mga pic mo ate joy! di ka tumatanda!

    1. Thanks Mecoy. God's blessing:)

  3. wow....this post is for throwback thursday...

    1. Thanks senyor. Wish you had a great day:)

  4. no wonder you fell in love with their living room and kitchen ate Joy, ang ganda naman talaga eh, parang pang-magazine ang dating. :)

  5. Yey, I'm glad na gumagana na ulet itong blog mo Mommy Joy :)

    super neat nung kitchen nyo, parang pang hotel lang hehe!


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