Saturday, October 1, 2011

Saturday again!

I woke up with full of energy today! At last its saturday and a free day from work....... Wait a minute! I  have to think.....not really free from work, coz today is cleaning day :)
After a quiet time with God I got up and

eat my breakfast. I feel that now I'm ready to start the day.

So I prepared all the things I need to clean the house.  And there was no problem to find dust and dirt everywhere. Our cat have been busy going out and in  the house taking with her dry leaves and dirt, not to mention me and my daughter's mess :)

The sun was shining and I can't help it but to smile and dance while I was cleaning the house. I turned on the radio to listened to music too. And saturday morning has begun.
I put dirty clothes in my washing machine, so that I can hang them outside when its finished.

and iron them later.

Half the day  is gone and still I'm I have a lot of things to do. The energy is running out. I supposed I'm getting older. Maybe it helps to take a break and see what is going on

Well, this is my Saturday!


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