Sunday, October 30, 2011

The wedding

Yesterday I was very lucky to be invited to a friend's wedding.  I'm very happy for the couple. Actually this couple got marriend eight years ago, but they wanted to renew their vows to God and to each other. And for me, it was a gesture of love!

The beautiful bride Claudia, She is from Mexico.

The happy couple on the way to the altar!

David, Geir Yngve's son played a very nice tune from his guitar  for the couple.

The pastor, sang a song for the lovely couple!
And we are all touched by the song!
Geir Yngve shared to the couple and to us the secret of how to remain happy in marriage.
It affected the hearts of us who heard the message.
Well, I have a happy marriage  and it was a verification that I'm on the right way. But just like Claudia and her husband my marriage have to be renewed everyday to stay happily marriage.

As a believer too, I need to renew my relationship with God everyday if I want to be happy in my walk with God. He said " Man shall not live by bread alone, but for every word that comes from the word of God". So, I need to listen to God everyday. Beacause

Just  like in marriage, we need to listen to each other, spend time with each other and be united if we want the relationship to grow.
I heard one said: "Treat your husband like a king and he will treat you like  a queen". Well, maybe it's one of the secret :)

I think that being married is a proceess of getting to know each other:
To know her/ his thoughts, dreams, wants and what makes this person happy or sad. To know that this person is gonna be there when the going gets tough.

This too applies in our relationship with God. He  too knows everything about us. But how can we know everything about God if we don't spend time with Him and His words?  How can we show that we love God who has given us His precious Son to die for our sins and  created this universe for us if we don't put him first in our lives ?  One thing I do know is that " when the going gets tough and there will be no one there for me, I'm pretty sure that God would be there for me".

If we can love another person because he /she loves us in return, how much more  can we love God who loves us no matter how we are and no matter what we had done?
But sad to say, many people are blind. They look for love in wrong places and get dissapointed.  They seek happines in Gods creation than the creator. But God said:


I supposed, I just say to the couple " May you live happily ever after"  And I know everbody agree with me:)

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