Tuesday, October 11, 2011

My memorable day!

I woke up at six am today. A little bit early coz I'm going to town. My youngest daughter told me that I looked so tired. And she was right. I wish I could sleep a little bit more.

 I took the one hour boat to  town. The weather was not so nice, but I trusted the pilot of the boat that he can bring  the passengers to their destination.
Then it came to my mind that if I just can have that confidence to God that He can bring me through this life no matter what the circumstances are. Then I will have peace and can enjoy the ride of life. I should be trusting God more than man. And that was an awakening thought for me.

Well, I have one hour to just sit, or pray or just look outside through the window. But I did not plan to do that. I brought with me a crochet and yarn to make a pot holder. Amazing how we can make a lot of things with our hands. I like making pot  holders to keep me from getting burn when I'm holding hot pots.  God has given us hands to create and to protect. Hand are not created to steal, to hurt people and to destroy. Hope people will think of that when they get tempted to use their hands to do bad things.  Well, I'm very thankful to God with my hands that are still functioning.

I came early to the hospital where I was  going to take a mammography test. It is a test to check the breast for cancer or tumor. Anyway I had to take off my clothes so that the nurses can take an x-ray. I hope they won't find anything. Likewise if I 'm going to open my heart to God, I hope He wont find any wickedness there.

 In psalm 119: 11 I read that if I have hidden the word of God in my heart, then I will not sin against Him. So it's the secret to make my heart pure. Well, good to be reminded:)

When I was finished taking the test at the hospital, I decided to go window shopping. It was still early to take the boat home. At the mall, one can be tempted to buy a lot of things coz the shops has everything money can buy. Luckily, my budget was limited. Well, I thought that there are a lot  temptation that comes in my life too. I hope that I will be wise enough to choose the right thing.  
While I was looking at the sale,  I was surprised to see  my cousin Celeste and her friend Jojo who were also shopping. They were very happy to see me too!
It was near lunchtime, so we decided to go to a Chinese restaurant and eat lunch. Both of them were customers there coz it was cheap and the chef makes delicious chinese food. I was very happy to meet them and talk to them. It was a memorable lunch for me.
After eating lunch, we decided to look around to see if we can still buy something on sale. Then we parted and I took the bus to the boat station. I meet one lady that I know and together we took the boat home. We talked a lot and the trip home was not boring at all.

When I came home I just prepare myself to go to Zumba training. Perspired and happy after the training. Now, after taking a shower, it was good to just sit on the couch and be thankful to God for a memorable day!


Thanks for dropping by and your comments are very well appreciated. It is like a cold glass water in a warm sunny day! Blessings.

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