Thursday, March 27, 2014

What's new lately?

How are you dear friends? Hope you are doing fine and enjoying your week so far.
Time goes so fast and soon it will be weekend again. 

I thought about the things that I did so far this week. 
In between working, blogging, housework and exercising, I still find to do things I love like crocheting.

I made this colorful pot holder from leftover yarns.

another one


Pineapple cake without icing, that I served to the elderly. I don't use so much icing because they are sweet enough.

Muffins with chopped chocolate inside.

Photography is one of my hobby. So if I need a model, my cat will do, although she is sleeping:)

Love flowers too. I find them everywhere. Orchids at the nursing home.

artificial flowers, but nice

Easter color in Norway

Beautiful sunset today

But the best part was when my daughter came to eat dinner with me today. I made spaghetti, She loved it and we had  a nice talk afterwards.

How about you? What have you been doing lately?  Are you ok?

Words to ponder:

If you are hopeless

For everything that was written in the past
 was written to teach us,
so that through endurance and encouragement
of the scriptures we might have HOPE.

Romans 15:4



  1. Hello Joy, that pineapple cake looks wonderful! I agree, I am sure it is delicious and needing no icing! I love the flowers, cat photos and sunsets...and it looks as if you are enjoying as well with your pretty smile!

    1. Thanks Linda. I do try to enjoy my life although problems comes like rains sometimes:)

  2. The pictures are lovely. The cupcakes look yummy. You have a cute cat. Great job on the pot holder.

  3. Good to know you're doing great Joy!

    I'm not in my best right now because I'm having back pain due to acid reflux. This is the first time I had this and it's entirely my fault. I neglected my fitness for 3 straight months and I gained a lot of weight. Now I'm trying hard to get back to being fit :(

    I love everything you feature here. Your craft, your baking, the photography and the your cat made me missed more my late cat hu hu hu.

    Btw, THANKS very much for your comment and your saying yes with my invite for the guest post! I'm excited about that.

    1. Oh. Hope you get better soon.
      About blogging of different churches, ...I hope I find a good topic about it:)

  4. ang sipag nyo po talaga Mommy Joy. spent wisely and efficiently talaga ang time nyo :))

    ang cute nung pot holders at looks yummy ung pineapple cake at muffins. patikim!

    at pa-hug po ulet sa miming nyo ^_^

  5. of course yung mga food ang napansin ko mukang masarap lolz

  6. Color combination of your pot holder looks good.
    Your Muffins makes me feel hunger!

  7. Wow. you are so talented. Love love love those sunset pictures. It speaks of calm and peace and Him. Have a great weekend, Joy......

  8. So fine hand work, and so much good Joy.
    Beautiful pictures with good light and colors, and kitty is so cute.

    Have a nice weekend.

  9. Hi there, We are back from ANOTHER trip. This time we were in Georgia checking out yet another waterfall... Check my blog today when you get a chance.

    Love your colorful pot holders... The cake looks delicious. AND--I love your sunset photos.

    Have a great weekend.

  10. Pretty pictures, Joy. I love your cat!!

  11. It's good to get updates about you tru pictures you take! Keep em coming!

  12. Så fin bildeserie!
    Jeg elsker dine fargerike grytekluter!
    Vakker solnedgang!
    Ha en strålende helg!

  13. Hello Mommy Joy,

    Visits from family members and creating those baked goodies for some special folks must be very rewarding because it gives happy vibes. With your cheerful disposition and thoughtfulness, I am sure you made them feel loved. Happy weekend!

  14. Thanks for your hearwarming comment Ida:)

  15. here are another amazing photos you got Ma'm Joy. but hey, can i have some spag too? he he

  16. Happy weekends Joy, how nice to have family around to enjoy home cooking with you and those views are just delightful


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