Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Spring time is here!

How are you doing my blog friends? I hope you are enjoying what ever season of the year in your part of hemisphere. 
 Here in Norway, we are in the beginning of springtime. More light, it is getting warmer and the flowers are beginning to come out from their hibernate.  

One sunny day, I decided to roam around to see signs of spring everywhere.
I found these flowers along the road. They are really happy to feel the the heat of the sun after a cold winter.  

Yellow flower by itself,  but stretching out.

Still, there are some places where the snow didn't  completely  melt yet. I called this a bird snow.

Someone is riding a horse?

Or else, the sky is blue, but the ground  still looks  desolate.

Not so much leaves on the trees that had been sprouted yet.

Anyway, I took my bike and strolled to Trollskogen ( Troll forest) Here is a little bit greener, as you can see. Maybe the trolls has a secret formula here.

Come and join me and take a look if there is a life inside. 

Say hello to the trollls that lives here.

So quiet in here. No birds singing, no kids playing in the water. 

Anyway, the reflection of the cottage in the water is amazing to see.  Don't you agree?

Look at the reflection of the trees!  Awesome! Here can we look at the trees downwards.

Well, I don't really like it in here. Seems a scary place to be. What do you think?

Well, let us go out from this solitary place and look for a brighter side.

Out where we can see the blue skies

and the clouds that are freely dancing in the ballroom of the sky

As you can see, spring time is here. I hope  the snow will not come back again in this time of year.

Anyway, saying godbye again and see you next post. 

Thoughts to ponder:

If you want to develop good character

Fire tests the purity of silver and gold,
but the Lord tests the heart.


  1. Hello Joy, it is so nice to know that Spring has arrived somewhere. Your photos are absolutely gorgeous! Thank you so much for sharing.

  2. Beautiful photos. We had about 3" of snow 6 days into spring. Good thing none of my bulbs bloomed yet.

    1. Thanks Lily. Hope spring will arrived in your place soon:)

  3. we've had cold and warm this spring so far

  4. Thank you for showing us what spring looks like in Norway! I do like the reflection pictures! You are very pretty, Joy.

  5. isa sa pinaka gusto kong na naiisip kapag spring is yung makikita mo na namumukadkad ang mga bulaklak parang ang sarap nila tignan...

  6. Ganda talaga Rix:) i love wintertime:)

  7. Beautiful photo of purple crocuses. Beautiful. Here, slightly down from Norway, spring is abundant. But the tulips do not bloom. It takes a while. Plenty: daffodils, grape hyacinths. Cute bird snow :) Thus, God will take away the cold in our souls through His wonderful light.

  8. Oh, Joy! Thank you so much for those pictures! I needed them so much today. Here in Minnesota we are still looking at lots of snow...and we're supposed to get 1-3" more today. I was beginning to despair of ever seeing spring, but your blog today sure reminded me that it will come. Thanks!

  9. I experienced spring when I visited Italy and was disappointed with the lack of colours and warmth. However it was a great experience because we always have either wet or dry season here. I love the walk through pictures, excited to see the trolls, mesmerized by the reflections, and listened to the eerie silence of the lake.


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