Friday, March 14, 2014

Isdaan ( Philippines)

Continuation of my vacation in the Philippines.

After we had been to Sitio De Amor, we went to this Isdaan restaurant to eat dinner, because it was Zimon's birthday. My third grandchild. It is like an amusement park where the kids can play and enjoy while waiting for the food.

Let us see what the guards were doing in this place....

Talking to himself?

Caught in the act?


In this place, everything is huge, like these ladies!

Look at that hand!

Big and sweet cats!

 Where was the body?

Dogs that were friendly, thanks God.

How about these ants? It seemed that they were shy:)

Well, can you guess what was inside these enormous eggs?

I really cound't figure out who was this big guy....

The carabaos were on vacation:)

Well, the best place for the hens and the roosters here. They will never get hungry:)

Zimon asked me why I took pictures of these naked was not nice. He told me:)

Shrek and his family were also there:)

Spider man was on the jobb. I wonder who was the culprit this time?

 At last, my daughter found a place for us to eat.

Meet the man who cooked rice for everybody!

Taking a break?  We wanted a dance number!

Time to set the table. The waiter was nice, but he was alone and it took sometime before the food was served.

 and we waited.......

 and waited...

and waited more...

At last...some of the food...

Luckily, they came and sing for us and made the waiting unbearable!

They sung birthday song to Zimon as requested.

Zimon was a happy birthday celebrant.

Bye for now!

I will be sharing more in my upcoming post.



  1. What a fun place to celebrate a Birthday for Grandson Zimon! Cool !!

  2. Yes, it was Hazel. Thanks for the visit:)

  3. Never heard about Sitio de Amor and looking at the pictures wow mukhang its worth time to visit. :) Salamat dito. Check ko ung link mo about this place how to get there. :)

    1. A very nice place ang sitio de amor Arnie. You will like it there:)

  4. ang ganda naman ng venue para i-celebrate ang birthday ni Zimon :) kalimitan kase, sa mga fast food chains (jollibee, mcdo) madalas idaos ang mga children's party hehe.

    1. Oo nga Fiel-kun. Di kami ulit because napakabagal ng service:(

  5. Lovely pictures.
    That spread out on the banana leaf looks yummy.

    1. Thanks Haddock! Yes, the foods were yummy:)

  6. i been to isdaan last year the place is so nice its like a theme park resto ahaha.

  7. Belated Happy Birthday to Zimon po. Looks a cool place to eat.

  8. aww. been reading about isdaan. nauna pa po kayo makapunta. hehehe! nice seeing your family through photos. :)

  9. Wow so much fun shapes, you know how to enjoy you so great shots Joy.
    Good weekend of Marit.

  10. Is it a dinosaur eggs? The food so good at lalong sasarap with family tsaka nagkakamay. Great shots! Happy weekend:)

  11. That big guy you couldn't identify is Buddha, I think. Wow the food was served boodle fight style, how nice!

  12. Never tried Isdaan in Laguna yet. But Isdaan in Gerona has less waiting time i think. Your family is really lovely mommy joy


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