Sunday, March 16, 2014

Life is so unfair!

Have you heard these statements before?

Life is so unfair!
You are so unfair!
He/ she is so unfair!

Well, you are not alone. I said and heard those words too!

There is always  someone that can treat us unfairly. Or we too can be unfair .  Don’t you agree? Being guilty of an act of favoritism?  Making fun of other people’s wrong grammar?  Looking down on people who has less achievement than us?  Thinking more of acquiring more things for oneself than giving to those less fortunate? I believe there are more things we can add to these.

Maybe, we had come to the point that we had said: God, you are so unfair! Why can you do this and do that? I said those words too before many times….


Not only that, we often think that this life has so much unfairness. Good people get sick and die young. Bad people lives longer and seems to be pretty much in good shape. There are people who are starving and begging for food, while the government is doing nothing. Their only concern is to get rich and gain more power over people. The rich became richer and the poor became poorer. Rich, but ungrateful people.  Criminals’ roams free, the innocents are in jails. The list can be long. Unfair, isn’t it?

 When I was young, we had a Bible at home. Fortunately! I had read them many times and each time I come across Jesus dying on the cross, I would always think that it was so unfair. I didn’t understand before the reason why Jesus let it happened. Powerful as he was during his days on earth. He was not a criminal at all! But, as I began to understand the reason why he suffered so much, it made me thankful. Thankful that someone loves us so much.  Suffered humiliation to reconcile us with God.  Dying for sinners like us was really an offer from God. 

 Perhaps, you would say that we are not really bad people. In fact, you can say that you do a lot of good deeds for the needy. Besides, you don’t steal, kill or covet what belong to others. Maybe you are right. But how about the murderers, the corrupt people, the adulterers, liars, pedophiles, abusive people, those that rape innocent children or kill them? Do they need to be forgiven? Would you give your life for those kind of people?

 I must admit, that I couldn’t do such a thing. But friends, that is the difference with our kind of love and God’s love. He can do such a thing and more for us. Sinners or saints. In fact, He already did.
What can we do then?

Maybe we can start in small things like being fair to all the people we encounter every day?

My prayer
Father, I pray that we will always be fair in everything we do. Treat others as you would treat them. Be humble to you and towards everyone. Rich or poor. Educated or less educated. Let your wisdom be our guide every day.
Thank you for making us righteous by believing in you and accepting redemption that you offered.
Thank you for clothing us with your righteousness. Righteousness that saves us from destruction and make our ways smooth in the midst of life’s unfairness.
I pray in Jesus name.




  1. Amen mommy joy. The pictures are from Victoria laguna right? So beautiful.... God bless you always :)

    1. Thanks Mel. Yes, it was from Victoria:)

  2. great post Joy. My youngest just had that conversation with me, it's not fair so this is so timely. Happy Sonday!!!!

  3. Wonderful post, Joy!

  4. Very thought-provoking post, Joy. Yes---it does seem that there is a lot of UNFAIRNESS in the world... The saddest part is that people don't have respect for each other at all... Some people will kill another person with no regret. Where is GOD?? IF people would turn to God, the world would be a different place for sure. It's very sad ---but with God in my heart, I can continue to live the best life I can, and pray for others.

    1. True Betsy. I am so happy that you have God in your heart. He is in mine too:)
      Hugs from me too!

  5. Beautiful post and images, Joy. God bless you, and warm greetings from Montreal, Canada.

  6. Life is unfair , but God is fair isn't it ? A happy day to you Ms. Joy : D

  7. Sometimes life is unfair, but God will never be unfair. God bless you!

  8. Oh i thought its your birthday, happy birthday to your friend Jessa:)

  9. Such beautiful words, my dear friend! Jesus' suffering seems so awfully unfair, but how grateful I am that He died for us and that He loves us so very much. We are so blessed to have Him in our lives! Lots of love to you!


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