Sunday, May 3, 2015

A wonderful day!

Hello everyone! Hope you are enjoying a cup of coffee now and just relaxing and having a good time. 

Well, it is raining today and good to be at home. My body aches after mountain hike yesterday, which I am going to share later when I am finished uploading the pictures.

Anyway, Friday  was Labor day and a free day for me, so I enjoyed every minute of it.
Since it is spring here, I bought some plants to have inside my house, but only two managed to survive in my hands.

Well, this flowering plant was a gift from two elderly.

This one survived among the plants I bought.

My husband honored the day by hanging the flag.

But a farmer in the neighborhood didn't care. He had work to be done!

Anyway, me and my husband decided to stroll with our bikes. We went to the seaside to visit our little boat.

The weather was fine while we strolled!

Cold wind though, so I was freezing

There were  two chairs there at the seaside , but it was too cold to sit there and relax

So I continued taking shots instead


Our little boat

Reflection of the sun.

The sea was calm

glittering sunlight

Mystical sight


After checking our boat..we strolled home and afterwards visited my Made her happy!
Then I finished making layer strips for this crocheted table cloth that I made for an elderly friend. It was about time coz making this took almost a year:) 

That was my day! How about yours? 

Ending this post a prayer.

Sovereign God, 

I thank you for each disturbing or humbling 

situation in my life, 

for each breaking or cleansing process 

You are allowing, 

for each problem or hindrance, 

for each thing that triggers in me anxiety or anger or pain. 

In them I grow and learn to cling unto Thee. 

And I thank You in advance for help for each 

dissappointment, each demanding duty, 

each pressure, each interruption

 that may arise in the 

coming hours and days. Amen



  1. Looks like you had a lovely day. It is night time here and I'm just finishing up some laundry and sweeping and washing the kitchen floor. Am doing all my work leisurely and enjoying other things in between :-) I like your purple flowers and the table runner you made for your elderly friend is sure to be appreciated. It looks like a cold day where you live but at least you had a nice walk/bike ride and gave us some beautiful photos. Have a lovely Sunday.

  2. Happy Labor Day Ms.Joy , God bless us always and forever : )

  3. Hello Mommy Joy :)
    Same lang din po pala ang labor day ng Norway at Pinas ^^
    Naku dito po, still toasty pa rin ang summer weather >.<

    Have a nice day!

  4. I am glad to see you relaxing and enjoying the day! Hug.

  5. Lovely flowers and nice weather. Enjoy.
    Will be waiting for your upcoming pictures....

  6. Beautiful photos of the sea and sky. I love both of the flowers, do not have them here.

  7. Beautiful flowers & post, Joy! It's so nice to see a loving married couple out on a date like this. xoxo

  8. I love your seaside shots! They are beautiful, and so is your boat, a real beauty. Maybe my favorite is the rocks with the yellow, maybe moss or something. What is it? It looks like lovely rock painting and is so pretty. I love your pretty flag, it is beautiful and large! And your bikes look very sturdy. We have not had Labor Day yet. But after that, I can wear white! Crazy tradition. I love the style of the white chairs, too. Can't wait to see your hike!

  9. Thanks Ginny. I believe yellow moss on the rock.
    Thanks for your lovely comment:)

  10. it looks like a nice day, outside in the air. i love the rock shot, too.

  11. Joy, thank you for your kind words today. I'm so sorry to hear of the loss of your own sister. The purple flowers are so pretty, and the pictures of the sea are wonderful. I also have a thing for the clouds, so I noticed the cloud pictures right away. :~)

    Have a peaceful Sunday.


  12. Hi Joy! I love those flowers, especially the blue/purple one. It does look like an overcast and cool day, but good for you for getting out with your husband anyway! Your boat looks really cute, I bet you can't wait to use it again soon.
    May God always bless us with wisdom in our trials. Amen.

  13. Really pretty pictures. Wishing you a nice week.

  14. I love the ocean, Joy, and your photos are gorgeous! :)


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