Thursday, November 28, 2013

Highlights of the week!

Flower for you first:)

Anyway,  although we have this stormy weather, I still have time to enjoy my life.
Last Tuesday, after work,  I went with my co-workers to eat dinner to the restaurant nearby. We tried to do it once  a year before Christmas.

Well, I need a remembrance so I took some pictures with my phone. Not so clear pictures.
                                                    This is me and Ann Helen.

Åse, Unni, Ella and Valle

Ann Helen, Aud, Ingrun and Gunn

This is what I ordered. Special kebab. Too much garlic:)

Ice cream for dessert:)

And they ordered the same type of food:)

Time well spent with friends and more calories to burn....

Although my hectic schedule, I still find to relax. Relax for me means to make something with my hands.

I feel in love with this moose when I first saw her....

from this book

after a few hours of crocheting...time to  sew the different parts together

I still have no name for her, so can you give her a name?


By the way, my youngest daughter asked me to make her a pair of  wool slippers and I couldn't say no:)

the first foot

Now, her pair of wool slippers. She loved them:)

Well, now time to play with my cat:)

something to make you smile:)

Secret elixir of longevity?

Gloria, out for a walk, notices this little old man rocking in a chair on his porch and approaches him.

"I can't help noticing how happy you look," Gloria smiles at him, "What is your secret for a long happy life?"
"I smoke three packs of cigarettes a day," he replied, "I also drink a case of whiskey a week, eat fatty foods, and never exercise."
"That's amazing!" Gloria responds, "How old are you?"
"Twenty-six," he replies.

Bye for now... Joy


  1. Okay I'm convinced, that RICE is not an option for Christmas occasion. LMAO. :)
    Merry Christmas to you Ms. Joy.

    1. Hi hi. Merry Christmas to you too" The kid wanderer:)

  2. Indeed, time well-spent with friends!
    Love those foods!
    (Can't open my blogger again so I used my other gmail account :)

    1. Yes Ric. Thanks for always visiting.
      Have a nice weekend to you:)

  3. Hi Mommy Joy, a fruitful week for you...

    I want to ask help from you regarding "marriage"... can I have your email address? Here's mine, i think you are the best person to ask. thanks!

  4. Galing galing.. ang cute nung moose! hehehe
    The dessert looks so delish!

  5. The ice cream is making me crave for some frozen yogurt! :))

  6. suggestion for the moose - MOOSAYA - o di ba moose na masaya he he ; ang cute ng cat , purrrr .... and a lovely satire to end this entry he he he : ) smile

  7. Hi hi. Cute name Edgar:)
    Thanks for the comment!

  8. Wooh, looks sumptuous ung Kebab and I lover garlic :D

    How about Mimi the Moose? lol

    Waaah, pa hug po sa pusa nyo Mommy Joy!

    1. Hi hi. Mimi the moose is also a sweet name Fiel-Kun:)
      Sige i hug kita sa pusa ko:)

  9. Looks like a good week at your place Joy - fun joke too! I also like to do something with my hands to relax.

    1. Yes, it was Karen:) have a nice relaxing day with your hands too:)

  10. Ka-Ka na lang ulit name kasi wala na si kaka ni ethan.

  11. nakakatakam naman ate joy ung inorder nila!!!
    ayun cute din nung project mo!, request ako ng panda hehe

  12. Hi hi. Pag.may nakita ko na how to make panda instruction mecoy:)

  13. Hi Joy....that ice cream looks so good. I love you sharing pieces of your life with us. Have a great weekend......cold or no cold....enjoy it!!!!

  14. parang gusto ko ipa delete ung mga ice creams... naingit ako...Pahingi.
    nice moose indeed.

  15. It looks like you had fun with your friends. I love the moose. You are so creative. And the socks look warm! I like the kld man joke, too.

  16. Yes McGuffy Ann. It was nice being with them. Thanks for the compliment:)

  17. I so agree with you, taking photos is the best thing we can do to have some remembrance from all the things we done now a days. Phone become hand even its not clear I do take some photos as well. It makes me laughed at the end of your stories and that's too much secrecy of longevity ;) hehehhe

  18. My eyes zeroed in on the ice cream platter, gosh! Ice cream in winter just like coffee in the summer, parang commercila lang. The moose is splendid, maybe, I Moose You!

    1. Thanks for the funny comment Jonathan:) you made me smile:)

  19. Dropping by to say Hi! and THANK YOU for being a part of my fruitful two years!


  20. Hi Ms Joy! Talented ka talaga, I really like the master pieces you make via crochet :) I think you can name the moose Pinky - because she's pink :)

    Nice dinner with your friends, the ice cream looks yummy! :)

    Wishing you a great December Mommy Joy! Sending you warm greetings from here :)

    1. Thanks Zaizai. Warm greetings to you too.
      By the way, Pinky is a sweet name:)

  21. So good that you find time to enjoy and do the things you love the most although you have a handful task to do. Godbless!


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