Sunday, January 13, 2013

Does it help to pray?


Jesus said so!
I've pondered about Jesus words and a thought came into my mind. How many prayers had been prayed by me or others in Jesus name, but didn't get an answer? Thousands maybe or more. But I know too that Jesus does not lie. His words are true. Then why not all prayers in his name  getting answered?

And to think that he wants us to ask, so that we will be joyful. But if our prayers are not answered, how can we be joyful?

Then again it striked me. How do I pray in his name? How do you pray in his name?

Do I pray for things that give honor to his name?
Do I pray for things that can poisoned my body, mind, soul or spirit?
Do I pray wholeheartedly?
Do I pray with unselfish motives?
Do I pray in faith?
Do I pray in line with God's words?
I am humble when I pray?

So maybe my or your prayers are not getting answered because of lack of faith and wrong motives. 

But then what Jesus name means to me and to you?

Jesus name means a lot to me. For me his name has many definitions like:

Actually we can use the whole alphabet to describe Jesus name.

But I believe that God is telling us  that if we pray in Jesus name, then we should be praying out of love. That there should be faith, trust, hope and thankfulness in our prayers. Our prayers should be about the salvation of ourselves  and others in every area of each and every ones lives. We pray because we want  to be inspired by God. To be filled with his presence. To hear from him. To know him more. To be healed body, soul and spirit. To be cleansed and be made whole.


Does it mean that if we pray in Jesus name, we will be spared for trials? Of course not. But Jesus said that in him we will have peace no matter what. He had suffered more than we could ever suffered and had overcome the world. If we have him in us and with us, we will also overcome the world.
My conclusion is " yes it does help to pray because in every unanswered prayer, there is lesson  be learned. And despite of unanswered  prayers, there were answered prayers too. 

Father thank you for revealing something from your words and may your words inspires us more to pray and to trust no matter what!


  1. Thanks for this another inspiring post Mami Joy :) Indeed, prayer does help a lot. I know, marami ang nagtatanong kung naririnig ba talaga ni Jesus ang mga prayers natin, ang sagot ay YES! Kung feeling mo di niya dinidinig ang mga panalangin mo, I think you are wrong. May tamang time table si Lord para sa lahat. Kaya hintay hintay lang. Darating din ang tamang panahon para sa mga kahilingan mo sa kanya.

    1. You are right fiel kun coz God's timetable is right:) thanks for visiting:)

    2. yes Mami Joy. Hindi very early or too late ang time table ni Lord. He's always on time :)

  2. parang eto lang ang message kanina ng pastor namin.. when we pray make sure that it's just for your own good... isipin mo yung makakabuti sa iba at hindi ikaw lang ang masaya tapos yung iba agrabyado...

    God has different ways of answering our prayers...regardless His answer is always the best and what we actually need :)

    1. Amen to that Genskie:) that is why God is good. I dont know your pastor, but God's message is given to many:)
      Have a nice sunday!

  3. I do pray a lot and
    in my prayers i make sure that i thank him and apologies for my sins more than how i ask for anything

  4. i love this post... Ako I never question God no matter how difficult the situation at times

    dapat we pray not just because we ask for something but we thank God for everything including the problems that make us strong din naman eventually.

    pero I don't blame those who question God and His existence... especially yung mga nasa gitna ng sobrang laking pagsubok. i just pray taht sooner they see the light...

    Ganun na lang siguro, we should also pray for those who can't...

    1. Thank senyor iskwater. Yes, we need to pray for each other because who knows that one day, we are the one who needed to be prayed. But actually, we need to pray everyday coz everyday we need God's guidance.
      Thanks for visiting:)

  5. Thank you Joy! This is a helpfull blog for me. Big hug. ( is it also freezing there?)

  6. Welcome Jedidja:) yes, it is freezing cold. Minus 6 degrees and cold wind. So I am sitting beside the fireplace:)

  7. Yessss!!! I does! At the same time po naeexercise po ang faith natin, maslumalalim. Through good times and bad times we should pray, and sometimes, we should pray para mag pasalamat without any motive, o hinihinging kapalit. :))

    nakakalungkot lang minsan na yung mga tao, nag ppray lang pag nasa badtimes, at pag answered prayer na sila, hindi na nila naaalalang mag pray ang mag pasalamat. :(

    Thanks for the lovely messages ate Joy! :)

  8. Welcome Pao kun:) yes we should pray in every season of our lives: vinter, spring, summer or autum:)

  9. Hi Joy, I was thinking along these same lines this morning. I am re-reading Kay Arthur's book on the covenant names of God. Thank you for this encouraging post.

  10. I believe in prayers too, I think it's so wonderful how we pray and not hear any response but yet it's the best conversation we can have :)

  11. I don't know what I'd do without God and without prayer in my life. When my father died in 1969, I was so UPSET... I prayed for God to help me get through that grief --and God DID... I wondered at the time what people do who don't pray and don't believe in God... God is in the center of my life --and I say: Thanks be to God for loving me.


  12. Thank you for the thoughtful and insightful post, Joy. I believe you are right!

  13. You just gave me something to ponder Ate Joy. I gotta say it all makes sense now.

  14. Prayers do help, this am sure. It lessens the burden, it uplifts the spirit specially in times of difficulties; that's how I feel whenever I pray and I thank Him for it. Thanks for this inspiring post ate Joy, happy Monday!

  15. Such a very thoughtful reflection. I must confess that lately, I have been lacking time for prayers... too concentrated on the daily routines, etc. and when I do get to pray, I often get distracted thinking of other things. But slowly, I am trying to find my way back to Him.. I know with all my heart that He is the only way. Thank you for sharing this.

    Spanish Pinay

  16. Ako, i always make it up to the point to passed by the church after my work..kasi pag uwi ko sa bahay tulog na din.. ansarap na nagagawa ko na to..dati kasi di talaga

  17. thanks for this post... na inspire ako... saka nababagay sa akin ang post na ito...

    kailangan talaga natin ng prayer.... kahit anong trials dapat wag bumitiw sa kanya...

    kahit minsan nakakalimot ako sa kanya.... ngayon naisip ko na mali ang ginawa ko..

    Godbless po!

  18. Thanks Jondmur! It is God's words for all of us!

  19. Mommy Joy, I really love this! I believe though that all prayers are answered but not all with a "yes". Because sometimes God is planning for something better than what we pray for -- in His perfect time! God bless.


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