Sunday, September 1, 2013


Yes, two oldies way to enhance their love for each other  . After almost 23 years of marriage, we did it.
Me and my hubby got married in 1990. Just a simple wedding and after that we spent our first honeymoon onbord the ship where he was working. For that story: My soulmate
Then, I needed to work, study, take care of our home and our daughter that we didn't prioritize to travel abroad alone for ourselves.  We went to other countries though like Sweden, Denmark, Bulgaria, but we were not alone. But this time, it was just me and my hubby. So for me it was our second honeymoon. But my hubby told me that we are on honeymoon everyday when we are together. For him, it is like that:)

Since our flight will be leaving so early in the morning the next day, we left home the day before, after my work.
 Beautiful day. Sun was up in the morning.
We took the fast ferry boat to town. More than an hour journey.

It was overcast when arrived in the city of Trondheim. Took some pictures while riding the bus to the Hotel we booked for the night.

The wheat were ready for harvest here too.

This is a strange hotel because of the name ( Rica Hell Hotel) It is a the name of the place, but it is not really  the hell we are scared about.

Anyway, we didn't stayed there, but in Radisson Blue hotel because it is only a few minutes walk to the airport.

This was the room. we have two separate beds:) 

and the young once lady:)

Anyway, the view through the window was fascinating!


So, day after...bye, bye to Norway

Traveltime:  45 minutes to Oslo and three hours by plane to Barcelona.

Hello Barcelona!

I was so excited to see this land where my grandfather came from. He is a full blodded Spanish man. I wanted to see how the people look like, how they behave and so on. Strange feeling. I felt that I have a connection with them. I thought that maybe I would understand a little bit of their language since the Philippines was under the Spanish rule for many years and we have a lot of spanish words in our language. That I will tell in my next post.



  1. Have a great honeymoon. Have fun too in Barcelona!

  2. Vonar dokke kosar dokke og har det bra!
    Vi har vore gift i 26år :-)

    Fin, fin søndag til deg og din kjære ♥♥

  3. bat ang konti ng pics mu sa spain?

    1. Umpisa palang ng blog.che. i will be sharing more sa next post:)

  4. I hope you had a beautiful honeymoon! The pictures are nice.

  5. Wow Mommy Joy, pangarap ko ang Barcelona!

    1. Maganda talaga avagabondmom:)worth visiting:)

  6. Wow. Barcelona is such a woderful place. Enjoy your honeymoon!

  7. Ang lapit lang pala ng Barcelona sa inyo...3 hours plane ride...

  8. Congratulations and what a wonderful place to go for your second honeymoon..beautiful photos as always... Diane

  9. Tingnan mo nga naman. I think you should share this post more to others. Pagpapakita lang na totoo ang true love, and that everthing else may fade like faith and hope, but love will always remain and always be true. Nakakagaan talaga ng puso ang blog mo Tita Joy, lalu na ngayon na na depress ako sa mga binabasa kong balita sa Pilipinas.

    Anyway, ang ganda din Barcelona no? I went there nung summer ng 2010. I had so much fun. It may not be as beautiful as Paris, but it's always a party and fun to be there. if you ever meet some Pinoys there matutuwa ka. mababait sila at very generous!

    And may God bless your husband for he honours you so much that for him, being with you is always a honeymoon. Dapat naman talaga ganon. If happiness can be copied, I'd copy yours.

    1. Nakakaiyak at nakakataba ng puso ang comment mo Mr Tripster. I wish you also a life full of love and happiness.
      God bless you much.
      Nice to know na nakapunta ka rin sa Barcelona. A very nice place indeed:)

  10. Wow, second honeymoon nyo na pala ni hubby mo Mommy Joy ^_^

    I so love all the photos you posted here. Looking forward for the photos of Barcelona on your next post!

  11. Enjoy your honeymoon sweet friend.


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