Wednesday, February 6, 2013

What is love?

Yes, it is  february! The love month and everybody...well almost, talks about love. Love with out partner and with partner. How to be happy with and without.

Lucky me I have many.....

Don't get me wrong. Many because I love many. My hubby, children, grandchildren, sisters, my mother and so on. But since God said that you will leave your father and mother to be with your husband or wife, then I will talk about my husband. The love of my life.

I mean how I feel that he shows his love to me like:

Love is when you say you love me and I can see it in your eyes.

Love is a kiss on my cheek as you passed by.

Love is when dinner is served when I come home from work.

Love is when you shovel show in the driveway for me.

Love is when you listen attentively to what I say.

Love is when you google  a word for me so you can explain better to me the meaning of what asked.

Love is when you remind me of something that is important when I am so busy of other things.

Love is when you say good morning to me with a smile on your face.

Love is when you let me feel that you are proud of me.

Love is when you sett the table for breakfast while I prepare myself to work.

Love is when you call me everyday when you are ombord the ship.

Love is when you kiss me goodbye before I go to work.

Love is when you let me attend girls party although it will mean that you will be alone that night.

Love is when you put your arms around me to comfort me.

Love is taking time to walk with me.

Those signs of love from my hubby are just a few to mention. But I just feel that I am the luckiest woman in the world. I might be doing something good or nice to my husband since his love to me overflows. Thanks God for giving me such a wonderful husband and I love him very much.

Tomorow he is going ombord again and before he leaves I gave him a valentines gift to remind him of my love to him.

                                                                 It said: 

I love you
You are the only one who has the key into my heart
Only you can make me feel  what I feel
I hope you understand how much you mean to me--
You mean everything.

But my husband's love cannot surpass Gods love.

How do I defines God's love?

God's love was his reason for creating the world

God's loves us  despite  what he knows about us.

God's love is bigger that any problem we have.

God's love can change life's outcome

God's love is total.

God's discipline, a sign of his love

God's love is sacrificial.

God's love has no bounderies.

God's love is comfort.

God's love is blessing.

God's love is wisdom.

God's love is guidance.

God's love saves.

God's love leads.

God's love forgives.

Well, the list are just my definition of God's love. Actually no one can measure God's love. It is endless!

How about you? What is love to you?

Happy love month to all!



  1. Love between husband and wife is precious and there is NO greater love than God's love which is unconditional love. Beautiful post Joy!

  2. maraming salamat at nadagdagan na naman ang stock kong kahulugan ng love... God's love pa rin ang the greatest siyempre...

    1. Welcome senyor. Pinapasaya mo konsa pag bisita mo:)
      Have a God blessed love day to you:)

  3. awww super kinilig naman ako... super agang valentines hehehe...
    and the greatest of all is God's love.

  4. Ang sweet ng asawa mo Mami Joy. He's really such a good husband. Imagine if he's my dad. haha ..baka mag tampo naman si papa ko.

  5. Thanks june. Yes, my hubby is very sweet to me:)
    Have a nice day to you:)

  6. aww ang sweet naman ng message mo kay hubby mo :))

    happy love month Mami Joy ^_^

  7. thats really sweet
    no wonder why you are much loved by your hubby and you family
    we should make each day valentines

    anyways God's love was indeed above all
    he who gave us the purest love
    deserves to be loved by us
    and by living ourlives through his words
    that's the best way to show him our love for him

  8. Beautiful Joy - thanks ♥ Wishing you a nice day :) Hanne Bente

  9. Sounds like you are very happy. Thanks for sharing!!

  10. Hi Joy, LOVE to me is GOD inside of me ---guiding my every move. God brought me George ---and I found out what real love between a man and a woman is.... I am so blessed.

    I wish you LOVE...

    1. Thanks Betsy. I so happy for you:)

  11. Beautiful post, Joy! There are so many ways to say, "I love you," without uttering the words. Thank you, for this wonderful reminder. Blessings always! Cynthia

    1. Welcome cynthia and bless you too:)

  12. beautiful, ate joy... thanks for sharing :)

    1. Welcome shiela and thanks for the visit:)

  13. very inspiring mommy joy. i really hope to marry a man who never fails to say i love you every day. who never fails to show how important I am to him. and i can see it on your husband. i could tell that he's so sweet. God-fearing husband is truly a gift from God.

  14. Thanks phioxee. I believe God has one for you too.
    Yes, my husband is really sweet, loving and thoughtful:)
    I am so lucky having him:)
    Have a nice week end:)

  15. You are blessed to have so much love around you and in your heart! Thanks for sharing a part of your love :)

  16. You are so right - God's love first and above all. :-)
    Happy love month.


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