Tuesday, December 13, 2011

My provisional Christmas Tree

In Norway, they don't decorate their Christmas trees so early.  It is a tradition to decorate the Christmas tree on the 23rd of December. And for me it's quite late. And so I tried to make my provisional Christmas tree. So I cut a branch from my lilac tree.

There is no leaves on the tree in wintertime, but I just needed the branches to make my provisional tree.

This is how this tree looks like in summertime.

And this is how my provisional Christmas tree looks like. Not so fascinating, but I was amazed  
 one day when I saw that the leaves began to sprout. There is no root in this branch that I cut, but the  warm temperature inside the house makes the leaves to popped up. so I thought that it will be needing water, so I put water in the pot. Then it can continue to grow.

Who knows, maybe the flowers will come too:)

This too can happen to us if  we are  connected to God. We need Him coz He is the source of life and to meditate his words to make us grow. We too can flourish. Because God said:

Think how wonderful it will be if we succeed in everything we do!  That no matter where we are, we can blossom and bear fruit.  It does not matter what kind of temperatur we are into. If we trust God and have confidence in Him, we will always be full of life :)
Coz He promised

Well, soon I will be decorating my real Christmas tree, but for now I can just enjoy my sprouting provisional Christmas tree :) 


  1. lagot kay ethan yung mga christmas balls mo. hehe!

  2. maganda mung provisional tree mu, simple pero cute \ chels

  3. Buti na lang la ethan dito he he. Thanks che:)

  4. I love the outcome! Maganda na tipid pa!

  5. Thanks anney. Oo nga tipid. He he


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