Thursday, January 3, 2019

It has been a while since I wrote something in this blog and I am happy though that it is still intact after all those years that I haven't been here. 
Since I live in Norway, I create an account in a Norwegian domain, but lately there has been many problems with that domain because they moved into another domain. 
So, since I have this blog before, maybe I just continue with this one.
I might blog in Norwegian language once in a while for my Norwegian readers and sometime in English language. 
I am not sure if someone is still out there that remembers me, but I just want to write my thoughts sometime and it is nice to have a platform for it.
Anyway, Christmas is fast approaching and I am looking forward for it.
I hope to get contact again with my bloggers friends in here.

See you again soon:)


  1. Beautiful😊
    Nice tree! Hope you celebrated Christmas well and had a wonderful New Year bash!
    Stay blogging and post daily😊

  2. Nice post! Looking forward to new posts.


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