Monday, May 4, 2015

On top of the mountain

Welcome everyone! After a nice day at work, good dinner, a nap and Zumba trim, I am ready to share our trip to the mountain. 

We are now soon on top

just some more valleys to go

going up

and up

and up

Now, we are on top of the mountain. The wind blows so hard

looking around

my hubby

So beautiful up there in Osplikammen

Can you see the town in the horizon?

Lovely view

Yes, I am here too!

Peace for the soul

Brave husband?

Yes, he did it!

Trying to push the big rock:)

Troll ?

Can you see the beautiful plant that grows up here?

It was really a wonderful to be on top of the mountain. Isn't it?

Ending this post with a prayer

Lord God, today I commit to You my present location and 


May You guide me throughout this life to just be where You 

want me to be,

as I seek to do Your will.

You are my dwelling place and I rest under the shadow of 

Your wings


  1. Wow, the view up there is amazing! I love hiking too. You two look great and active. Thank you for sharing these beautiful views from your adventure.

  2. Yes, it was Kayni. Thanks for visiting!

  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving your comment. Nice to make your acquaintance. Looks like you and your hubby had a great mountain climb. I miss those long hikes. Age and joint deterioration has started to hold me back now. I can live vicariously through others though. LOL

  4. Thanks for dropping by too Carol. So nice to get to know other bloggers like you:)
    I hope I can continue for a long time with mount hiking!

  5. The colors are vibrant in some of those plants on top of the mountain. Just like you! I see Jesus in you, Joy. Praying for you still; I know it's hard right now.


  6. Super push mountain hike ... yan ang di ko magawa dito sa Pinas sa sobrang init he he he

  7. What spectacular views, Joy!

  8. What wonderful views!

  9. Fantastic mountain view. I do not think I can climb that high. Your husband and you make a good team. Thank you for sharing the mountain view.

  10. Beautiful photos. What a great day with hubby! ~xo~

  11. Hi! Fantastic moutain climbing. Your photos are very beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

  12. Thanks for inspiring nanay JOY, can i just call you nanay? ahahahahahha.

    The mountain and the view really looks good, everytime i see it, it's just makes me fall in love with God and thank Him for the wonderful creations he gave us to live (that's why we really have to take care of it, be a good steward). :)

  13. That is a wonderful view. Great photos!

  14. What wonderful views...but more, what a wonderful prayer.

  15. such beautiful, rugged terrain!

  16. Beautiful photos. Nothing is more beautiful then nature. Thanks for stopping by :).

  17. Thank you for sharing those breathtaking photos and the wonderful prayer!

  18. agree with you ate Joy, it's nice to be on top of a mountain; view is almost always breathtaking. but it's hard getting there hehe. anyway, thanks for sharing your adventure, looking forward to your next. :)

  19. Hi Joy! I'm glad you were safe in the wind! What a beautiful spot, and how fun that your husband came along too. I was a little worried at the photo of him jumping down off the rock, but he made it!
    I did see the city from the hill. It looked so far away...

  20. Oh, Joy, what breathtaking pictures. I wouldn't have the physical strength to climb to the top. Such a beautiful plant growing there. Thank you for the prayer you shared, too.

  21. The mountain scenes are absolutely beautiful Joy. It must have been exhilarating to finally make it to the top.

  22. Although I'm more of a beach person, I do appreciate the view from the top of a mountain. It's stunning, right?

    Have a lovely weekend!

  23. Grabe, wala po talaga kayong kapaguran Mommy Joy haha *hugs* XD
    Pero maganda po yan sa katawan nyo.
    Mainam na exercise na rin ang mountain hiking :)

  24. Wow! Love the awesome shots, Joy! Feeling like top of the world! Happy Sunday, dear! xoxo

  25. Such an incredible view! It must look extra wonderful after a long hike. The photo of your husband jumping down from the rock is amazing. Great shot!
    Thank you for your visit. It's nice to meet you :-)


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