Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Park Guell in Barcelona

After our visit to Sagrada Familia, we went ot this Park to breath some fresh air. Me and my hubby agreed that we will just relax and won't seek high places anymore.

Park Guell ( according to the info) is named after Gaudi's great patron, Count Eussebi Guell. Although initially planned as residential garden city in English style ( hence the name park) the initiative was unsuccessfull and only one showhouse was built, like the one which was Gaudi's home and today houses the museum devoted to the architect behind Sagrada Familia.  Finally , Guell donated the park to the municipal councel in 1923 and since then it was belonged to the municipality and been a unique public park enjoying a prime location.

We are now at the entrance left side.

In front of us

  right side

So we just have to explore the place, but then again, we have to walk  upwards to see the whole park. So we don't have any choice, do we?

Grandma needs to rest for a while.. how about you?

The goal is to climb up there.....

To see the view

More to see up here

At last, time to go down the stairs...again

Look at the ceiling of this architecture. Amazing

But when there are lots of tourist around, there are lots of vendors too selling their crafts.

I did buy some necklaces to a vendor who had to run later because it was not allowed to sell things inside the park. How could I know?

Some more photos that I took during our ride in the tourist bus on the way back to the hotel.

Saying goodbye with this heart shape tree

and this special tree

Hope you enjoy the tour to the park.

See you next time in Poble Espanjol



  1. amazingly beautiful, love watching all your pictures:)

  2. Replies
    1. Yes, I love that too Jonathan:) thanks for the visit:)

  3. So many beautiful pictures to see, you made my day, thank's for sharing them :)

    1. Welcome Aunt Mary:) the pleasure is mine:)

  4. ang daming tourist Mami Joy. Ang gand a talaga ng architectural design ng mga building sa Spain. No wonder madali talaga pupunta jan.

  5. Beautiful pictures!

  6. Beautiful pics! Looks like a wonderful time!

  7. Beautiful park, Joy. Looks like you two got plenty of exercise on this trip---like George and I did last week on our trip...

    Love your photos.

  8. Yes we had plenty of exercise Betsy and had a wonderful time; )
    Thanks and hugs from me too:)


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